Coca Cola Zero Launch

Coca Cola Zero

Jotta were approached by Coke and agency Reverb to help launch the all new tasting Coke Zero to the European market in 2016. Our brief, to elevate the serve experience and create the perfect first taste for consumers through a bespoke bar installation.

Our response, to place Coke’s dynamic ribbon branding at the heart of the installation using red PVC strips, pulled taught across a steel back-frame and backlit through gelled fluorescent lighting. The criss-crossing of the strips provided natural alcoves within which the iconic Coke bottle could sit, the contours of which reflected and refracted the light from behind. 

The serving area of the bar continued the established design language while integrating intelligent fogging technology to truly elevate the serve experience. Using technology developed by our long term collaborators Bompas & Parr, we created a permanent cloud covering the bar top. On serving, bar staff were able to ‘clear’ an area within the cloud (using a foot controlled pump) within which the Coke bottle could be placed for the consumer. A piece of theatre that truly elevated the serve experience and our consumers first taste of the all new Coke Zero.

Working to a deadline of just 2.5 weeks from initial concept to delivery, Jotta created a launch installation for Coke that is now set to be activated across European markets in 2016/17.