Redefining Air Travel through the Connected Aircraft

Representing a $1.6bn investment, GX Aviation is the world’s first global, high-speed aviation broadband service that will transform air travel for passengers while improving operations and safety for the industry. For the global launch of GX Aviation in Singapore, Jotta designed two large scale installations, one to inspire and one to educate potential customers.

'Connected Air', was designed to educate airline representatives around the advantages of a connected aircraft. Using augmented reality, twelve stories were brought to life, each highlighting a key product benefit and represented in the space by a 3D printed object within a neon lit window. iPad in hand, guests could interact with objects to launch the relevant experience on their device. Non-linear in form, the installation allowed each customer to choose to interact with the stories most relevant to their unique business needs.

Complimenting the in-depth learning experience of Connected Air, Jotta designed a totemic installation that acted as a statement of intent to industry. Representing a broken cube in plan, the stand consisted of a 4.5m high chevron structure that split the cube across its diagonal. Wrapped around this structure, over 550sq meters of LED panel broken into individualised pixels. At each corner extremity, two flown high resolution screens complimented the cube creating a high-impact digital canvas for key messaging around GX Aviation.  

The structure provided space for both formal and informal meeting areas allowing Inmarsat to sign-deals with major airlines including British Airways and Lufthansa pushing their share price up 18% on launch day.  

Jotta worked alongside agencies Ogilvy, Intergalactic and Equinox on Inmarsat’s GX Aviation launch.
Image credit Jotta & Olyvon