The launch of Director JJ Abrams first book, Ship of Theseus

JJ Abrams, Radio Straka

Abrams is known for creating unpredictable narratives that are shrouded in mystery, so Jotta (working with Dermot McPartland) felt it was appropriate to raise awareness of his first ever book through a production as enigmatic as the writer himself - a series of five hour long broadcasts under the name Radio Straka. 

Amidst an eclectic selection of music, our anonymous host discussed the identity and history of V.M. Straka and his work leaving clues for Abrams’ fan base, to unpick across social media. The show, first delivered across a specially set-up pirate radio station in London, has since been broadcast across UK and US FM stations and is currently being adapted into a TVC for the paperback launch of the book. 

Listen here: