Launching the Lexus LF-SA at the Geneva Motor Show

Lexus, Geneva Motor Show

Jotta worked in partnership with Amplify and Lexus to launch the LF-SA concept car at the world's biggest motor show. The challenge we set ourselves, to not only launch the car once for press but to launch the LF-SA every 20 minutes across a four day period for consumers to enjoy.

The first stage was to design a giant canvas made up of 11 different types of screen that would envelop the stand. Between car launches these screens displayed original set-back content designed to compliment adjacent vehicles. At launch, a generative film brought every screen together to create one giant canvas with content rushing between surfaces to deliver impact. The generative nature of the film meant every launch was different while still adhering to the key narrative thread showcasing the properties that come together to make a Lexus: Design, Engineering and Performance.

The result, a car launch that was impactful yet distinct enough that it could occur 3 times an hour.