Magnum Infinity Pod
Jotta - Unilever - 3Jotta - Unilever - 3

Magnum, Infinity Pod

Jotta worked alongside Bompas & Parr and the Wellcome Trust to create the world's first ever bioresponsive food installation. Designed to celebrate the launch of the Magnum Infinity, the installation brought to life the product's promise of a heightened sensory experience.

Upon entering the custom designed pod, visitors were linked up to EEG monitoring equipment that measured changes in brain activity when eating the new Magnum Infinity ice cream. This data was then transformed into a unique immersive animation and soundscape that adapted in real time to signals received from the brain. Once finished, each visitors unique animation was packaged up, ready to be shared across social media channels driving tens of thousands of shares.

The Infinity Pod travelled around Europe in 2012 visiting sites including Salon Di Mode in Milan and the London Olympic Park picking up column inches along the way.

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