Scottsdale Public Arts

The Green Ray commissioned for Canal Convergence 2018, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Green Ray
If you watch the sun descending as it sets behind the horizon line you may be lucky enough to see the green ray. 
Fleeting in presence, the green ray lies visible at the upper edge of the sun’s disk, becoming visible as the atmosphere causes light to separate into its component colours. An effect heightened by the optical phenomenon of the mirage in which light rays are further distorted and abstracted.
On rare occasions, this distortion causes an effect known as the green ray. A beam of light that fills the sky from the central point of the sun as it sets. Inspired by one such event in Arizona in April 2017, Jotta Studio presents an installation work for Canal Convergence 2018, The Green Ray.
The Green Ray experiments with form, abstracting the sun into a framework constructed from an array of under-lit stainless steel fillets. An aesthetic inspired by modernist ideals exhibited in surrounding desert architecture, the installation also pays homage to the modernisms belief in scientific reason through its celebration of this unique optical phenomenon.
Through the day, The Green Ray exists in interplay with the bright Arizona sun, its fillets reflecting and refracting the sun’s rays across the water. At night, the installation becomes illuminated to create one full cycle of the sun’s movement. As dawn breaks, the sun emerges from the horizon line of the water through an intense bright yellow before morphing to a piercing white light at high noon. Gradually, the sun shifts through the hues of the colour spectrum towards a blood orange sunset, and finally at twilight, it reveals the fleeting moment of the ‘green ray’, before resting on the blue hour of the night.  

Jotta would like to thank Scottsdale Public Arts, Magnum Industried and Dispersion for their help in realising the Green Ray

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