Unbinding the Book at the Whitechapel Gallery London

Whitechapel Gallery & Blurb, Unbinding the Book

Rather than seeing the new opportunities digital can bring to print, there is a widespread perception amongst designers that digital is a substitute too, not a compliment of, the printed book.

Challenged by Blurb Publishing to change these perceptions in the global maker community, Jotta created 'Unbinding the Book'. A property that challenged creatives from every discipline to imagine the future of the printed book in the digital age. From Creative Directors to university students, over 1,300 applications flooded in from around the world after launch events in London, New York and San Francisco. A digital hub was set up to bring the project and its aims to life and to fuel conversation. 

The final exhibition of ten works kicked off at London's Whitechapel Gallery during London Art Book Fair. Promoted as part of the galleries public programme, the exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors in 3 days while attracting substantial press pick-up.


Credits: Alida Sayer